Our Mission


Calex Haustechnik Vertrieb e.K has developed partnerships with customers and distributors over the past 10 years. Making sure that we are always available for our customers and clients is one of our keys to success. Having products which help save resources and energy helps our customers save money. Our products are aimed at achieving two things: On the one hand to reduce the amount of energy and or water which our customers currently use and on the other hand to help save their money.

The most crucial point is that Calex Haustechnik Vertrieb e.K environmental solutions do not only help the environment, but also save money!

Our mission is to run a successful business. However, we aim to do this by making people and businesses more aware of the fact that by reducing their consumption of resources they not only save money, but also reduce their carbon footprint. We help make businesses become more environmentally friendly and also more cost efficient.